Friday, February 25, 2011


As I posted Other Men a couple days ago I really didn't think it was fair to not have Rob Crow's most well known project Pinback. Along with Crow we also have Zach Smith of Three Mile Pilot fame. There is some amazingly catchy indie pop rock going on here. But this isn't your Belle and Sebastion hug a sad unicorn  type indie pop.  There's drum machines and awesome guitars which share there own unique quality that I just cant put my finger on. Not to mention that the vocals between Smith and Crow have that perfect trade off value that compliments the other oh so well. 

Summer in Abaddon
Autumn of the Seraphs

Either Summer in Abaddon or Autumn of the Seraphs are great places to start.

Ps Ninko, this business is almost scarily up your alley.

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