Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sajjanu - Californication II (2012)

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So a reader has informed me that thanks to a successful bout of badgering the group Sajjanu posted their follow up record on bandcamp from 2012. Why is this amazing? well if you are familiar the question has already been answered (they are math rock demons). But for those not in the know certainly click the link above to DL some real meaty math. I have to say this is more compositionally rich than their first effort and less chaotic but a hell of a lot more focused. Sajjanu still stand as one of the busiest and most technical of the Japanese math rock groups. That is along with the amazing Nuito. So if anyone wants to get on those guys for a new album thatd be great as well.


Beach Parade - Tour Loko EP (2011)

Eli one of our fine members of the PoS had gotten me wise to these guys a little while back. I can safely say I am embarrassed to have missed such excellently crafted and instrumentally complex punk music from Ithaca NY. It's got that insane energy with great powerful vocals and some extremely inspired dual guitars. If your in the mood from some high flying rock then let this be your first stop of the night.

Beach Parade

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Math Rock Mystery (SOLVED!)

So this is kind of an interesting post as we had a reader with a very specific question for us the other day.
You see our interested party had an album that had been given to him by his girlfriend....math rock in nature...that had become one his favorite math albums.  Unfortunately...there were no track titles, nor album title and only the supposed name of the band, PIZZA.

The PoS team and myself feverishly began searching the interwebs for any and all information concerning to no avail. However it wasn't until a reader from the wonderful math rock reddit page suggested that it may in fact be a group briefly mentioned in Don Caballero's final tour diary.

As it turns out upon checking in deeper it was indeed that same group. Pizza hailed from Boston in the early 2000's and is said to have played in Tuxedo's and utilized a wireless guitar system to be able to play outside the venue. This is unconfirmed as the information on this group is scarce at best. One thing is for sure though is that they are best known as the group forbidden to play during Don Cab's show in Boston. (if you want the full story read the diary above..its worth it) As during Don Cab's set members of the audience actually threw real pizza at Damon Che and company.

It should also be noted that Scott Buoncristiano of Pizza would go on with a former member of Lynx and others to create the group Challenger. Also another incredible math rock group very much worth your time.

I feel like its incredibly important to keep people informed as much about the new music coming out as well about the older groups that have paved the way. Pizza is a pretty excellent group especially for the time and certainly have that classic math rock sound.

History lesson over :)
Below is a direct link to Pizza's self-titled as well two live albums