Saturday, July 14, 2012

Civil - EP

Refreshed is how I like to feel when I listen to a math rock band for the first time. Like opening your bedroom window after a long rest.....and then being assaulted with guitars trading time signatures.

Many times the influences hang so heavy that I cant push past the Vietnamese brush of tera melos and don cab sound alikes. 

Civil is a group from Toronto, Canada that is technical yet pop oriented, a perfect balance all the way.

This is what youd call "OTHER SUNDRIES"

Great structures, powerful drums, amazing vox and guitar riffs that I feel are pretty unique. Its a pretty new EP and not something I've heard many people yacking about so it's certainly time these gents get some due props. It really is that amazing and I cant really put my finger exactly on what it is. Sure there is a fair bit of tapping going on but thats not really unique unto itself. Just that the sum of everything going on is super impressive. The vocals also occationally shift to do some atypical things for the genre but you can discover that on your own :)

Listen to this.


Are You?

Edit:  I'm being told by Chris from the group that he would like to be considered under the "sundries" catagory. Consider it done sir.


Twin Shadow- Confess (2012)

As usual, I do not know much about this dudeman. Twin Shadow is the moniker of a broseph that just released his second album, Confess, and is known for mining the soundscapes and styles of 80s pop classics like Tears For Fears and The Human League, while prominently utilizing vocal techniques learned from the likes of those mentioned, as well as including a healthy dose of Peter Gabriels skills, and mirroring other modern incarnations of the form, such as TV on the Radio and Gotye. As to what I have read, this sophomore effort is much crisper and more fully realized than his well received debut, 2010s Forget.

I can't offer too much linkage for this post: the album kicks off to a great start with Golden Light, but his go-to single, Five Seconds, is a pretty great introduction to his style. It is track 3 off of Confess, and though the video features a 90 second narrative intro before the music hits, it sure is a neat ditty. Check it, wieners.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Signals - Square Wheels EP

I can see this getting huge in 15 seconds

 Female VOX... YES!

indie rock with a smattering of math from Southern England

ALTHOUGH wish the math elements were stronger.


Square Wheels EP 2012

Paper Mice - Paint it Pink (2009)

Chicago, a name that is notorious for post-rock also houses the ever energetic Paper Mice. A power trio in every sense of the word. This is tightly tidy twitchy post punk group with a healthy dallop of the Math Rock we crave on a daily basis. I use the word tidy above because these guys keeps things generally around the 2 minute mark or less. It's a great way to really condense everything down to the best of the rest. Twitchy? well they tend to stop on a dime (frequently), pick it up, chew it around in their mouth and spit out gold.  Vocals are also pretty prominent and only add an extra dimension to the otherwise bonkers punk experience. GREEEAAAT stuff gentleladymens. 

Can not forgot to mention that they will be playing along with Our Daily Fix and Mouth to Mouth to Mouth.
If anyone is even considering coming out to Ithaca NY, I promise it will be a wonderous show

Not to mention.. DIONAEA is playing that Sunday!

Should prove to be a lovely weekend :)

Paint it Pink

The Swords are aliiiiiive with the Sound of Muuuussiiiicc

O Hi :) sorry, I really hope everyone is enjoying our new friends and their amazingly awesome posts. I know that I have been immensely.  It occured though I haven't formally introduced two of our newer postee's.

Computer Jones comes to us with some ridiculously valuable knowledge of all things Irish rock. Why is this? possibly because he has been firmly entrenched in the scene for some years now. Hailing from  Greystones, Ireland he also happens to have a close relationship with many bands there including Redneck Manifesto, Adebisi Shank and ASIWYFA. He also has two amazing music projects Pushkin and Tiarnin, Will and Stef  which will surely impress even the most hard edged naysayer.  More on them for a later post but trust me they are both amazing.

Twinz2z I believe to be from across the pond as well. As you can see by his first post we are going to be graced with some titanic mixes of death. Highly looking forward to his unique vision on linking various genre's to math rock. Along with our very own Metaghost that brings our mixologist level to +2 and also + 1 to demon evade.

Makeshiftsilo Has been lurking in the shadow of various music related websites.  According to our current friendship our musical compatibility is "SUPER". While this is not the real reason I've asked MSS to the Swordz action, he will be a valuable source of math tastic knowledge. Also before I forget Mr. Silo happens to rip bass for Oculesics. Are they any good? ugh yes actually...really flipping good. 

Ted Nguyent - Pizza & Regret

Ted Nguyent is some of the most fun i've ever had. post-punk that changes up a whole lot, ridiculous lyrics.

Our Daily Fix - elephant.

Our Daily Fix is a relatively spastic indie math punk group from Central Valley NY who rule really hard with a saxophone. They release their new record Metamorphosis next week and Mother Night gets the joy/privilege of playing the release!

Talking Dead Goats 45"

What a band name huh!!??!

Its very, very hard to come by anything by these guys to download. They have released a few split EP's in Japan and i know they are working on their debut album. some of the best drumming Ive ever seen/heard....its jaw dropping! BATTLES eat your heart out! im searching for this split release at the moment...ill update this post once i find it ;)


Good live video:

Low-Pass - Trimurti (2012)

I'm going to continue posting some Japanese stuff, i have mountains of it to get through!

This LOW-PASS album, Trimurti, is one of the best math-rock releases this year in my opinion. its an instant classic and the tracks are so catchy you'll be beating the songs out of your head!! Brilliant instrument playing and song arrangement...i cannot fault it anywhere. Production is also epic . These guys are seriously good live...if you ever get the chance to see them don't turn it down. enjoy!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Noxious Foxes - Legs

brooklyn based driving math rock that reminds me of Ebu Gogo a lot of the time. no keyboards, though.

Maritime Pilot - Demo Recordings

Maritime Pilot is a new band from my wonderful city of New Bedford MASS featuring former and current members of Nature/Nurture, California Smile, Buddy Revell, and Fire Bush. They are easily the five most handsome dudes who ever strung one note after another and called it music.

you like post-rock right?

also, don't sleep on the four other bands being linked to in this post. amazing post-math/post-everything/stoner-doom/math.

Fat History Month - Fucking Despair

let me just say, that Fat History Month is easily THE GREATEST BAND THAT HAS EVER EXISTED EVER. they are almost too perfect. a guitar and drum duo from Boston of Massachusetts are putting together some of the most beautifully crafted rock and roll in existence. the chemistry in the instrumentation is so organic and moving and might as well be more than the just the two. nope two dudes. the lyrics couldn't be anymore clever and insightful and perfect. this is some of that highly recommended shit. they don't even have all of the tracks from this release on their bandcamp, but you get them if you pay them the big bucks.

Habitat - Habitat

Habitat from New Orleans is a spectacular spectacle. SO FUCKING GOOD.
punk rock? chilled out math sorta? vocals sometimes? melting my fucking heart?


LITE - Past, Present, Future EP (2012)

LITE's capability to produce something fresh sounding every release astounds me. This EP is no different.  I first heard of LITE when they came to Ireland and played a very small city and venue...i haven't stopped listening to them since. Jun, the bass player, also started Transduction Records. This is now a sister label of Sony Japan.

This EP marks a bit of a change for LITE. With their previous releases adding elements of dance and techno, this EP seems to have fully integrated that into their synonymous sound. Also, with two great vocal tracks sung by 'Caroline' from Mice Parade You (Yama from TOE is also in this band), this EP definitely stands out amongst their release catalogue.


The Redneck Manifesto

this is my first post on POS. i am damn stoked to be here...let the posting begin.

I've chosen The Redneck Manifesto as my first post because they have a very special place in my heart. These are the guys that really introduced post-rock/math-rock to Ireland. Without them, Ireland wouldn't be exporting the likes of Adebisi Shank, ASIWYFA, Enemies, The Cast of Cheers and many more. Without a doubt, The Redneck Manifesto have played a big part in what Ireland is producing these days. No silly U2 here...

This is their latest release, Friendship. After a 7yr break, where most of the members were working on other solo releases, this is TRM's fourth release and first release on The Richter Collective label. Its a great, energetic and pumping album with lots of mathy breaks, twists and turns. i will try and post their back catalogue: Thirtysixstrings, Cut Your Heart Off From Your Head and I Am Brazil if there is any interest.

Get your dancing shoes on and enjoy!

BANDCAMP - all albums are streaming here!

i couldnt resist...great vid!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Denver - Joan Rivers (EP) 2012

Another Flip-tastic math flecked release for you folks so pull your socks up.  Denver is a group that despite their hilariously hair cut malfunctioned cover are an incredibly serious band when it comes to the tunes. With three songs they certainly waste no time getting down to the nitty. This is some chilled out yet musically complex indie rock with a serious crush on math rock (its a reciprocal crush)  What I found with these guys to be a stand out attribute are that these songs are structured very intelligently. Your not dragged along so much as each turn and twist of the sections just make so much sense i actually fist pumped at one point.....ok twice. Also of note THE VOCALS! this is not some last second add on or that their best friends brother wanted to sing on a few songs. Honestly its done tastefully and reminds me of something you'd hear in some really amazing indie pop rock. The fact that the singing is used only when needed yet still remains such a huge presence is more than a couple feathers in their caps. Lastly the instrument choices on display are numerous, AGAIN without clubbing you over the head. I've said this before but a lot of groups will add a "non rock" instrument to "color" their pieces and it ends up sounding forced. It goes without saying but the piano, strings and (marimba?) really flesh out these beautiful pieces. O and by the way this is their first release, pretty surprising with the level of polish on the ground. After all that do I really need to say "hit the link" wait I guess I pretty much just did.

Joan Rivers EP

Monday, July 9, 2012

metaghostin' Vol. XIV - Citrus Seltzer in Yr Snifter

Citrus Seltzer in Yr Snifter - 32'08"

  1. Black Hoodie / Extra Life / Made Flesh (2010)
  2. Zil / Three Trapped Tigers / Route One or Die (2012)
  3. In Your Light / Bruce Peninsula / Open Flames (2009)
  4. Derek's Journey / Renaissance Sound / Renaissance Sound (2012)
  5. Strong Like Bull / Jerseyband / Beast-Wedding (2009)
  6. Gibbon / This Town Needs Guns / Animals (2008)
  7. Hiya Higher Hire / You Slut! / Medium Bastard (2012)
  8. Nunca Me Gusto Salinas / Macho Muchacho / Macho Muchachos (2012)

Worse abuse of facial hair:

Hide yr jowls / pretend you got a jawline


Goatee (any variety)

Reno Dakota - Popularity

Indie/Math-Pop from Cambridge,UK.

Really catchy math-pop,nice vocals.Download with the "buy your name" formula.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ni - Ni (2012) / Welcoming Friends

Ni! Its a two letter combo that must be yelled when you read it....and does a good job of describing these cats from France. This is math rock with a certain air of early prog keeping those edges nice and sharp. Speaking of sharp everything about these guys are blurted out or played in a staccato fashion yet still ultra groove tastic and able to turn on spare change.  The chord choices deff. remind me of early 70's heyday prog rock but with a very metal attitude. As with everything I deem good enough to write about you cant really skip this one :)

NI ! ! ! !


Also would like to give a welcome to two of our newest:

Antonio - has been filling my ears with tasty math for awhile on our facebook page (which always has extra musical goodness btw) so we are treated to a more direct line to the awesome now that our Italian math rock correspondent is on the case!

Mother - Is another very active member of our facebook arm who also just so happens to be in a very delightful math rock group. Mother Night is certainly a group you folks should become familiar with, excellent stuff.

Faun and a Pan Flute - Sunset Dolphin Boat Ride '98

Good Evening, this is my FIRST post up on here of swords. I am very humbled to have been selected to share sounds and words about sounds. I am 'Mother'. as it is, as I am not your mother, or a mother at all for I have a Y Chromosome. so it goes.

and now, let's get weird.

and with my first posting I have chosen to present Faun and a Pan Flute.

it's weird and dream pop-y and not overly math all of the time but very kind and subtle for how many layers of awesome are being spilled into/onto itself. might as well be tripping on/in/at the beach.