Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This Town Needs Guns - Animals

 Speaking of our overseas English brothers, here we have the much lauded This Town Needs Guns. If you're not familiar well think an American Football feel with the waking ghost of Victor Villarreal on guitar. If this still leaves you scratching your head then I will go one step further.  Pretty breezy yet technical math rock with some pretty soaring vocals. Its really in the vocals that I could live without but there are places that they are memorable. Instrumentation though is the shining star and they do a very good job of separating themselves from the pack.  In my opinion (though who gives a flying junk) they are a bit over rated, still extremely good but seems like a lot of people are losing their nuts over them. 

*Also as an odd addition i swear a couple guitar riffs remind me of incubus....even though ive collectively heard maybe 1/2 a song by them. strange i know. 

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