Friday, August 23, 2013

Second Greatest Dad Ever - Joy Ride (2013)

It's one thing to have two guitar players in your band and something else entirely to have two guitarists in your band that can play off one another while consistently tearing into awesome riffs. Math rock to be sure, but with that yearning quality that indie emo brings to the table (the vocals contribute greatly to that feeling). Like I'm always looking for, this has the mark of a band having lots of fun with their own material. Nice to see the Lone Star state being repped, as I don't really see too much like this from that southern realm. Excited to hear what a full length could bring from this four piece.

Stereo Type - Tokyo Blue (2012)

Incredibly solid Japanese instrumental post-rock math. What you can always count on with anything in this vein is that it's never boring. Awesome bass lines, intricate drumming, and memorable guitar lines. Regrettably I seemed to have glossed over this from last year... sad face. If it doesn't grab you immediately, stick with it — it has surprises buried just beneath the surface. You have my personal assurance as a man of the math.

SuperPK - Sweet Dreams

One track by newcomer SuperPK from the state of Pennsylvania.  Mega-chilled out guitars (nicely restrained tapping) with some hushed vocals. If you're looking for that razzle dazzle you may need to look elsewhere, but this has a solid honesty and rich vocal harmony I keep coming back to. Interested to see what else these guys may have up their sleeves.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Most Americans, now only $3?!

I'm going to level with you right now: if you missed this perfect slice of  indie math throw back goodness then you truly owe it to yourself to snatch this up. It's on sale for a limited time for like 3 bucks, at least that's what some dead presidents whispered to me.

Also they've got a new video up on the youtubes for you to watch and enjoy, so yea there's that as well.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

LORD - III (2013)

Improving by superhuman leaps and bounds between releases, Portland's LORD is proving themselves to be a heavy contender in the realm of math rock.

I'm finally getting a chance to sit with it and man it's a damn beast — monster riffs and fleet-limbed drumming for the main course, but that's not all. The key here is the composition, keeping things driving forward while not being afraid to revisit ideas that worked earlier in spots.

These guys have made some serious headway and in my estimation it's because some of the extraneous prog-flam-jam has been toned down a titch, resulting in a greater focus on the deadly metal-influenced riff work. And for those that are truly interested in a burner of a song, sink your fangs into the last track. (I want them as the soundtrack for the next Castlevania game, hope you're reading Konami scouts.)