Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Most Americans - The Most Americans (2013)

Have to say that there is a serious lack of indie rock these days that has that healthy dose of math like in the 90's....ahhh the 90's hahah. The Most Americans are from Boston and bring the heat hard with some wonderfully crafted indie rock that also has its fair share of dual guitar tom foolery...incredibly melodic guitars at that. You can be sure that the vocals are also just as catchy with their melodies. These guys know exactly what their doing and as a first release its clear that they know exactly what they want and how to get there. So again to sum it up 90's era indie rock with some inspired mathy instruments dueling it out underneath some intense crooning. Its not frenetic but it keeps a solid clip throughout which makes it seem maybe a bit more laid back than it actually is....blah stop! haha go listen now.

God some straight gorgeous guitars. This one certainly blindsided me hard. congrats.


  1. Fuck you, I already spend too much money on music.

    I'll let these guys know it two weeks when I see them live that I found them on Plenty Of Swords.

  2. its a great thing to spend your money on :) and yes feel free to throw up the PoS gang signs at the show... whatever they happen to be. thanks for reading!!