Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Physics House Band - Horizons / Rapture (2013)

If any of you follow this sort of thing ;) an up and coming group called Physics House Band have released their first official album. I myself have been waiting patiently for such an event. I have heard most of these songs already and grown to enjoy each in their own particular ways. So what do they sound like? Well your going to hear this thrown around a lot in reviews...JAZZ FUSION!

but why now? why the tag? why not just say jazzy math rock?

Which yes you could argue in places that this is jazzy progressive math rock and in other spots its some legit fusion. This is where things get a bit complicated. As said most of these songs I am familiar with so how about the new ones? throw away filler tracks, minor points off. But how does everything sound together?.....

ehhh I dont know its just missing something for me...or maybe its too much? Ive been trying to think of exactly what it is. The filler tracks try to tie these songs together that are far and away pretty different and it doesn't work. Sometimes the crazy instrumental displays of prowess have me on the edge of my seat but more often than not I come up grasping sand to remember anything melodic or memorable. compositional song writing here is flawless but taken at once I'm missing some heart with what I thought was there before.

Many people are going to disagree with me...I understand..I do. This is well done stuff to be sure and most of you are already going crazy for it. Very interested to hear others detailed opinions.

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