Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mahogany Hand Glider - Terrain Station

Last time! on Plenty of Swords!

I am completely excited that I received a wonderful heads up about Mahogany Hand Glider's new EP that is on its way.  What is completely refreshing to see is the amount of progress these guys have made since their first set of songs. Having listened already I can safely say these impressive statements:

1.The Riff's hit harder.

2. Post Rock build up's and let downs of the past for MHG have disappeared into some incredible transitions for these guys. 

3.Where there was a less clear influence of jazz, math and prog before we now get these in a more complete light.  You could have called these guys a Post-rock band before and its just not nearly as apt any longer.

4.Hold on to your hats everyone because these gentlemen are poised for some blowing up. Lets help make that a reality.

PS The official date this comes out is April 29th :)


  1. Fuggg yah, this is great! Already like this better than their previous effort

  2. Yep. Digging the planetary science lecture embedded within also!