Thursday, July 18, 2013

Unicorn Harvest - Alan's Tutorials (2013)

Hey guys I am back to posting our regularly scheduled awesome math and not my constant gushing of all the sweet math rock I've seen in the last week :) However a large thank you has to be made to Ithaca Underground for setting up some killer shows as of late.

Unicorn Harvest are a math rock duo that are former Ithaca fella's as well but now find themselves in NYC. Its hard to listen to these cats without getting smacked in the face with the Tera Melos love but honestly thats one of the things I enjoy most about them. They've got that under lying pop sensibility with the muffled vox and some pretty hook riddled ax handling.  Compositionally it all flows incredibly well with some not too over the top drumming. Really been enjoying this the last couple days and I'm sure most of you peeps will too.