Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tears for Fears-Songs from the Big Couch-1985

On this trip to Newbury Comics, i was chilling with Metaghost and i said i should dig deeper into some 80s action. He was like "dawg.. tears for fears."

Oh yeah.. those guys. The only track i know by these dudes is the classic, Everybody Wants to Rule The World; guys writing that kind of song in 1985 aught to be dropping pretty solid albums, right?. Although I know it is also a single, I do not know Shout. Like Bille Jean, this track just eluded me through my life. It opens the album on a pretty epic synthy pop note. But its really track 3 im all about; such a good song.

Goddamnit they cut that shit short! Its a 4 minute track on the album, just over 3 minutes on youtube. Fuck that. That outro guitar solo is awesome. So there are more 80s classics i need to get into; Duran Duran, The Cure.. damn those are the only 2 names i can think of. I could use some help; please do post comments/ suggestions here on the blog, or on our facebook group. I would much appreciate it.

songs from the big couch


  1. I was obsessed with this band! Everybody wants to Rule the World is good and all, but Head Over Heels is where its at!!!

  2. yeah lady, ive almost listened to Songs from the Big Couch, but i havent got to Head Over Heels yet. Ive checked out most of Cyndi Lauper though; i had no idea she did All Through the Night, that track is so good.