Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dosh-The Lost Take-2006

I went to a friends house tonight, and connected musically with a few people, two of which were Dre and Brian/ Eric/ Dan, out of Denver Colorado, and the bunch of us got to talking and sharing all kinds of music. They did not have music available, but looking through my iPod they knew a lot of stuff that i had on there, and we started listening together and i branched off a bit into things they hadnt heard. Along the way, the two of them said that their biggest recommendation to me was Dosh, specifically his album The Lost Take. I have just now downloaded it and heard the first few songs and it is hitting home; certainly something i will be digesting heavily soon. Melodic, sweet electro pop so far, with a multi-instrumentalist at front and center, alone, creating sonically great things, as far as production and quality is assumed. Cool stuff so far; heres the first track that comes up on youtube:

This is a track from his 2008 album, Wolves and Witches; its 2 musicians preforming a whole lot of amazing live looping together, just kicking so much ass. More to come; enjoy The Lost Take.

the lost take

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  1. i gotta say fuck yeah to my own post! thanks dre and dan! fucking sick shit here.