Sunday, April 17, 2011

Talk Talk-1988-1991

Aw snap. This is a big one.
Talk Talk is a group that a friend of the blog, sweet willy, showed me way back in the day in highschool; i was blown away by the inverted post-rock arrangements they put together; acerola pointed this out to me earlier, how they use strings and horns to line the edges of epic pop rock tracks. Mark Hollis, the man behind the voice, brought in all kinds of studio musicians to record sessions that he then chopped up and spliced, back in the late 80s and early 90s, and used to form the basis and background to amazingly emotional music. Talk Talk had 2 albums that i listened to deeply; 1988s Spirit of Eden, and 1991s Laughing Stock. The track i will share, track 2 from Laughing Stock, is Ascension Day

Im not really sure what to say about this; it is something i have loved for so long that i feel just hearing it, intently, explains everything great you need to know about it. The one obvious fact i must land on is the tracks ending, how it builds up intensity up to almost unbearable levels right before the track suddenly cuts out; it is a jarring end, but the next track on Laughing Stock, After the Flood, immediately begins, and quickly shifts you from the momentum of one song into the driving awesomeness that follows. Both albums are long in running time yet short in tracks, and they flow beautifully together. They are true works of greatness.

laughing stock
spirit of eden

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