Saturday, April 23, 2011

This Music Moment-"Rock With You'", 2011

So this is a two, possibly three-part relevant blog post, concerning one particular night at Owen O'Learys (for you boston folk), and a night coming up this wednesday, 4/27. A little while ago i posted about how I had never heard Billie Jean, or much other Michael Jackson for that matter, until one fateful night a few months ago. I got my ass chewed out by many folks; i know. It is a crazy thing. Ive heard it a lot.

But soon after i bought thriller and absorbed the glory of Billie Jean etc., i went to owen olearys to see my friends vince and keith do their acoustic show of awesomeness. I didnt know that Ananda, a singer who sometimes contributes to their show, would be playing with them the night i arrived, fresh into Michael. I sat down at a table with ananda and the crew between their sets, and told her about my Michael neglect through my life. She reamed me out propper; said "i grew up in Trinidad, and when i was 8 years old i got a bus full of fellow Trinidad citizens to sing along with my rendition of Billie Jean. And they all knew all the words. Do you know how small Trinidad is on the map?! And you were in AMERICA?!". She really drove the point home; how the fuck did that happen?

So she tells me about how great Off the Wall and Bad are, and im like "well shit im on it. tomorrow ill be picking them up." She goes cool, but check this out. She goes up on stage with vince and keith and they kick out the sickest acoustic version of Rock With You, from his debut Off the Wall, in perfect form; the album is probably the strongest, most hit-packed premier since the beatles or elvis, and right before madonna and then the unstoppable force that is Lady Gaga. Serious Shit. Heres his video for Rock With You, 1980.

These guys, vince keith and ananda, are all professionals; shit was tight as fuck. Keith had some loops built so's he could solo over the verses; ananda has one killer fucking voice, and vince has the drums locked down. I rocked out to it, and when they were done ananda was like "you know that one?" and i said "no, but fuck yes!"

off the wall

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