Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3nd - World Tour

You could say that 3nd share a lot of similar aspects with the equally amazing band Toe. Both are from Japan and play technical instrumental rock. The differences though are always what counts the most. 3nd's guitars have a lot more range in their melodic delivery and dynamic wise. Next are drums.....which you know what im going to say....Takashi is a drum overlord. That isn't to downplay 3nd's own drummer but seriously the guitars of Toe could be playing hot cross buns in unison and Takashi would make it awesome. Ok Ok Ok enough of the comparison's. These guys can get downright fast but never lose their catchy nature.  What always struck me as odd though is while many of there contemporaries (such as the above mentioned Toe) get a lot of critical praise, you rarely hear about 3nd. Also another tidbit of info is the bass player from Natsumen (previously posted..wink wink nudge nudge) which as everyone should know are also fucking nasty.

World Tour

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