Thursday, April 21, 2011

This Music Moment-2011

After a spur-of-the-moment decision to go to a hot yoga class at 6pm, i came out reinvigorated with a fully awake mind and body, and i did not want the night to end. It was about 9pm when i left my house to visit the bar Owen O'Learys, where my pal vincey plays an acoustic gig with an excellent guitarist/singer/bassist/loop master Keith.

Its a great time, and i know a lot of fine folk that all go on Wednesday nights, but the bar is a small 15 minute drive away, and i needed some music to listen to. Before acerola posted The Psychic Paramount, i was talking to him on gmail and he said he damn near shat his pants when her heard it, and before he posted it he gave me a sneak peak. Its great shit; acey, i am damn well digging it. But as we talked about it and i listened, it reminded me of another band acey said he posted near the start of this blog; Maserati.

I remember hearing this track on a review of the album on NPR; it kind of blew me away that they were reviewing this kind of instrumental album, but then it totally clicked that these dudes totally want to buy this music and use it in their broadcasts. Its perfect for them, and most importantly it is the perfect highway driving music. They are a tight group, with solid drums and repetitive bass structures below the 2 guitars, using delay pedals as mini-loop stations and creating dissolving, mathy guitar structures in perfect harmony. Its nuts how tight those two are, with their delay pedals factoring into their performances. Great tunes to bring me somewhere fun for the night. Enjoy it while it lasts, sluts!
pyramid of the sun

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