Saturday, April 23, 2011

Van Morrison-Astral Weeks

Even though i intended this bunch of posts to share an 80's theme, this classic by Van Morrison was recommended to me numerous times by numerous people. I know Van Morrisions album Moondance, which was his follow up to Astral Weeks, and i know some various other singles through his career; i was looking around aimlessly at Newbury Comics and found this one sitting there staring me in the face again. Looking at it now, the only track that comes to mind as a popular, possible single is The Way Young Lovers Do, which i really only know because of Jeff Buckleys excellent cover. Dig:

Moondance was chock full of hits; it was ten tracks, and most of them were between 2:30 and 5 minutes. Astral Weeks is 8 tracks, the shortest being just over 3 minutes and a majority of the tracks running between 5 and 7 minutes. He obviously was making some waves after Astral Weeks and decided to cut things short to get more radioplay, and man oh man did he do a good job at that. Thanks Van; your shit was classic.

astral weeks


  1. He wrote this when he was only 23 and lived in Cambridge!!! I saw him play the entire album from start to finish at the Wang! Seriously, some of the most beautiful music ever written! Van is the man! :)

  2. oh snap thats crazy, i had no idea he lived in the boston area. i dont know much of his personal history, just his music. that must have been a hell of a show.