Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Organ Beats-Sleep When We Are Dead

Heres some friendly promotion i would like to share with you folks, and this concerns you Boston area people especially. Today i got an invite from mr. Danny, drummer of the Organ Beats and brother of their singer, Noelle, saying that on June 3rd they will be playing a sick ass show on a goddamned boat with Mellow Bravo and Viva Viva. Aw shit yes! Nighttime music cruise with a band im friends with? Damn right.

I met Danny through a mutual friend, Shaun C, and we grabbed some dinner before heading to Noelles apartment to watch the Star Wars Holiday Special. That shit was outrageous; it seriously began with a 15 minute scene at the household of Chewbaccas family, and the entire thing was Wookie-talk with no subtitles. It was buggin'. Shaun and our group of friends are close with the Beats, and a while back together they filmed a sick video for Happy Birthday, off Sleep When We Are Dead. Shaun is featured as the boy baking a cake waiting for someone to come home for their birthday party. Its awesome:

They play such great catchy rock, with Noelles awesome voice kicking out great melodies. That girl can hold a tune. Ive only seen them live once; a few years ago, Shaun hosted a Halloween/ Music party at his house where he got a bunch of his and his friends bands to put together a bill. It was a great night, and the Beats headlined. At that point in the night i had had a few beers, but i distinctly remember when they busted out Never Gonna Make it Outta Here Alive. I LOVE those Oohs that start the track. Everyone at the party knew these songs well, so the entire crowd was Oohing along with Noelle; it was a fucking great show.
The Organ Beats - Never Gonna Make It Outta Here Alive by ninko

So heres the info for that show, and below that a link to their free-or-pay-what-you-feel download for Sleep When We Are Dead. Support these guys fools!

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