Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Psychic Paramount - II

It seems like too long since their last release but for most of these former Laddio Bolocko members this is their greatest to date. Lets get down to the run down. This is heavy psych like a cloud of electric smoke in your face on a moon filled night. By the way when I say heavy I mean HEAVY. From the first opening notes this trio will try to pummel your face against a wall. Structurally krautrock and drone loom their heads but its done so flipping loud and emotionally you never get the feeling of boredom.
II marks a special turning point for psychic paramount. Finding them in 2011 they have seemingly identified their strengths. Far from saying previous releases were bad but just II is that incredible. Its easy to see that the noise has been dialed back and this showcases just how varied this trio can really be. I've been spending an extended period of time as of late with II and can justifiably say that it gets better with every listen