Thursday, July 26, 2012


Well, once again we have reached another milestone in Swords history: with your help, we have reached 75,000 views. Holy crapsickles. Who would have thought a few guys who like music would get so many people around the damn globe to check out the bands we dig. All of us at the Swords thank you for being a part of our fun. I feel some celebratory music is needed: track one from This is What Happens by Reign of Kindo, Thrill of the Fall, live:

Bonus points go to anyone who can name who the character is in the picture at the top, or where he came from (no cheating!).


  1. youve got to answer my question first

  2. Who's got questions?

    I'm pretty sure that's the dude from motherfucking Wild Arms. But I could be wrong. Been a while since I played that game.

  3. yo' ass got it, ghosty. nice one, i can't remember what reminded me of that game the other day but goddamn do i have some seriously awesome memories of it. lots of memory in that last sentence. and acey, what was your question again?! i forget!

    1. Downloaded it to my PS3 because of this. It did not age very well at all, but at least the music's good.