Monday, July 30, 2012

The Cast of Cheers - Chariot (2010)

I personally guarantee after 3 listens of this album you will know all the lyrics, you'll be singing along to it at the top of your voice and you won't be able to stop yourself from dancing!An Irish four-piece, their debut Chariot smashed through the haze with its Foals/Battles-indebted blend of ferocious math-rock.

Ive been lucky enough to see these guys play a good few times in Dublin. Their live shows are phenomenal and full of energy. 'Enemies' have supported them a few times. Super nice guys!!

They have just released a new album three weeks ago on School Boy Error Records. Their new album was recorded/produced my non other than Luke Smith (who also produced Foals’ Total Life Forever).

This album was a free album only available in Ireland at the time but no longer available so definitely pick up a copy. This is rare. 

LISTEN (new single)

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  1. this stuff is awesome, jones. digging it immensely. thank you.