Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jerseyband - Beast Wedding (2009)

I feel slightly embarrassed on this one, mostly for the fact that these guys were formed in Rochester NY during the same period I was going to school there.  Not the point however. Jerseyband play their own sort of mash up of two very singular genre's Jazz and Metal. While this doesn't sound that new and exciting for those of you familiar with Mr. Bungle, Zappa or Estradasphere to name a few they have a way of breaking away from the pack. Self describing their music as "Lungcore", This large ensemble utilizes their horn section almost in a "big band" sort of fashion while the guitars and drums play metal breakdowns. It all comes together in a surprisingly organic fashion and not at all like the musical experiment it could end up sounding like. I will say a couple songs end up reusing certain riffs and horn interplay but for the majority of this release there are some excellent variety being displayed.  So if your into any of the above mentioned bands.....or even if your not check these gents out.

 Beast Wedding (2009)

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