Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pensioner - Yearlings (2011)

Pensioner from Scotland certainly have caught my attention and others as well. At the base they are a post-hardcore/math rock hybrid that seems to have more fun jamming as many awesome ideas into a song as they can. Vocals are also deliciously present. Here lies a problem with most bands that do employ vocals they tend to play second fiddle...not so here at all. An Incredibly solid release with nothing too technical but some herky jerk rhythms get thrown in out of left field. It keeps you on your feet and you'll frequently be surprised by some of the structural choices going on. Don't worry no surprise gangster rap outro.

I guess you could say its just a really sweet and inspired rock album that is as vocal centric as guitar led. Which I think more bands should try to follow. Here that other bands?

Yearlings (2011)

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