Saturday, July 14, 2012

Civil - EP

Refreshed is how I like to feel when I listen to a math rock band for the first time. Like opening your bedroom window after a long rest.....and then being assaulted with guitars trading time signatures.

Many times the influences hang so heavy that I cant push past the Vietnamese brush of tera melos and don cab sound alikes. 

Civil is a group from Toronto, Canada that is technical yet pop oriented, a perfect balance all the way.

This is what youd call "OTHER SUNDRIES"

Great structures, powerful drums, amazing vox and guitar riffs that I feel are pretty unique. Its a pretty new EP and not something I've heard many people yacking about so it's certainly time these gents get some due props. It really is that amazing and I cant really put my finger exactly on what it is. Sure there is a fair bit of tapping going on but thats not really unique unto itself. Just that the sum of everything going on is super impressive. The vocals also occationally shift to do some atypical things for the genre but you can discover that on your own :)

Listen to this.


Are You?

Edit:  I'm being told by Chris from the group that he would like to be considered under the "sundries" catagory. Consider it done sir.


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