Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ni - Ni (2012) / Welcoming Friends

Ni! Its a two letter combo that must be yelled when you read it....and does a good job of describing these cats from France. This is math rock with a certain air of early prog keeping those edges nice and sharp. Speaking of sharp everything about these guys are blurted out or played in a staccato fashion yet still ultra groove tastic and able to turn on spare change.  The chord choices deff. remind me of early 70's heyday prog rock but with a very metal attitude. As with everything I deem good enough to write about you cant really skip this one :)

NI ! ! ! !


Also would like to give a welcome to two of our newest:

Antonio - has been filling my ears with tasty math for awhile on our facebook page (which always has extra musical goodness btw) so we are treated to a more direct line to the awesome now that our Italian math rock correspondent is on the case!

Mother - Is another very active member of our facebook arm who also just so happens to be in a very delightful math rock group. Mother Night is certainly a group you folks should become familiar with, excellent stuff.

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