Saturday, July 14, 2012

Twin Shadow- Confess (2012)

As usual, I do not know much about this dudeman. Twin Shadow is the moniker of a broseph that just released his second album, Confess, and is known for mining the soundscapes and styles of 80s pop classics like Tears For Fears and The Human League, while prominently utilizing vocal techniques learned from the likes of those mentioned, as well as including a healthy dose of Peter Gabriels skills, and mirroring other modern incarnations of the form, such as TV on the Radio and Gotye. As to what I have read, this sophomore effort is much crisper and more fully realized than his well received debut, 2010s Forget.

I can't offer too much linkage for this post: the album kicks off to a great start with Golden Light, but his go-to single, Five Seconds, is a pretty great introduction to his style. It is track 3 off of Confess, and though the video features a 90 second narrative intro before the music hits, it sure is a neat ditty. Check it, wieners.


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