Friday, July 13, 2012

The Swords are aliiiiiive with the Sound of Muuuussiiiicc

O Hi :) sorry, I really hope everyone is enjoying our new friends and their amazingly awesome posts. I know that I have been immensely.  It occured though I haven't formally introduced two of our newer postee's.

Computer Jones comes to us with some ridiculously valuable knowledge of all things Irish rock. Why is this? possibly because he has been firmly entrenched in the scene for some years now. Hailing from  Greystones, Ireland he also happens to have a close relationship with many bands there including Redneck Manifesto, Adebisi Shank and ASIWYFA. He also has two amazing music projects Pushkin and Tiarnin, Will and Stef  which will surely impress even the most hard edged naysayer.  More on them for a later post but trust me they are both amazing.

Twinz2z I believe to be from across the pond as well. As you can see by his first post we are going to be graced with some titanic mixes of death. Highly looking forward to his unique vision on linking various genre's to math rock. Along with our very own Metaghost that brings our mixologist level to +2 and also + 1 to demon evade.

Makeshiftsilo Has been lurking in the shadow of various music related websites.  According to our current friendship our musical compatibility is "SUPER". While this is not the real reason I've asked MSS to the Swordz action, he will be a valuable source of math tastic knowledge. Also before I forget Mr. Silo happens to rip bass for Oculesics. Are they any good? ugh yes actually...really flipping good. 


  1. Computer Jones! Is pushkin still making music?! I love the ep, was always curious what happened to you guys, cool to see you join the club

  2. Yea actually CJ was just telling me they have a 5 track ep that is going to be released soon :)