Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Denver - Joan Rivers (EP) 2012

Another Flip-tastic math flecked release for you folks so pull your socks up.  Denver is a group that despite their hilariously hair cut malfunctioned cover are an incredibly serious band when it comes to the tunes. With three songs they certainly waste no time getting down to the nitty. This is some chilled out yet musically complex indie rock with a serious crush on math rock (its a reciprocal crush)  What I found with these guys to be a stand out attribute are that these songs are structured very intelligently. Your not dragged along so much as each turn and twist of the sections just make so much sense i actually fist pumped at one point.....ok twice. Also of note THE VOCALS! this is not some last second add on or that their best friends brother wanted to sing on a few songs. Honestly its done tastefully and reminds me of something you'd hear in some really amazing indie pop rock. The fact that the singing is used only when needed yet still remains such a huge presence is more than a couple feathers in their caps. Lastly the instrument choices on display are numerous, AGAIN without clubbing you over the head. I've said this before but a lot of groups will add a "non rock" instrument to "color" their pieces and it ends up sounding forced. It goes without saying but the piano, strings and (marimba?) really flesh out these beautiful pieces. O and by the way this is their first release, pretty surprising with the level of polish on the ground. After all that do I really need to say "hit the link" wait I guess I pretty much just did.

Joan Rivers EP

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