Friday, July 13, 2012

Talking Dead Goats 45"

What a band name huh!!??!

Its very, very hard to come by anything by these guys to download. They have released a few split EP's in Japan and i know they are working on their debut album. some of the best drumming Ive ever seen/heard....its jaw dropping! BATTLES eat your heart out! im searching for this split release at the moment...ill update this post once i find it ;)


Good live video:


  1. Boy you weren't kidding about their stuff being hard to find! I ripped the only track I could find by them off bandcamp from the 7" pictured.

    Talking Dead Goats"45 - 4RT_S.mp3

    1. I took that as a challenge and spent a good twenty minutes looking.... sadly not even a wiff of a nothing :(