Friday, November 4, 2011

The Joe Beats Experiment - Indie Rock Blues (2005)

This is another album I've slept on for far too long. This album had a lot of buzz (at least around Providence) back in the mid-2000s, but I never got a chance to pick it up until I found it in a used record store a few months ago. But since then, I've actually listened to this more than anything else I own.

Basically, this is an album of remixed indie rock songs. Not some annoying frantic mashups, but rather fleshing out existing songs and making them totally baller. The original songs are all pretty great, and surprisingly effective with some extra magical beats. Club-ready songs with depth. Mmmmmm...

Indie Rock Blues

Some trivia: Guess who's in the blue shirt behind Joe Beats?


  1. An awkward white guy wishing he had rhythm? (Trivia Answer)

    I only remember Joe Beats because he was tangentially involved with Gruvis Malt due to the whole "Providence" thing. But I don't know that I ever actually listened to anything he did.

  2. Haha, the awkward white guy is none other than yours truly FranklinDC. Joe Beats actually is really into the mathy/experimental/instrumental thing when he's not making sick beats. He actually remixed a June of 44 song for this record.

  3. Stop putting yourself into trivia, geez.