Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tyondai Braxton - Central Market (2009)

Despite my love of Battles and all the fuss surrounding the album, I never picked this up until very recently. (Shameless bragging alert: the first time I heard it was through the control room monitors at the studio it was tracked and mixed at while tracking the A Troop of Echoes album). This is possibly the most whimsical record ever produced. Its packed with fun noises, sweet guitar parts, and reverb-drenched vocals. The song structures can be a little wonky. While most of the buzz surrounds the classical-style compositions, I'm actually into the shorter, more pop-structured pieces a little more. The other stuff is interesting, but a little meandering. You gotta give it up to the guy, this shit is insane and sounds like nothing else out there.

Central Market


  1. If anyone was looking for the reason why the new battles is *cough "lacking" take a look see.

    Uffe's Woodshop!!!!!

  2. Yeah Tyondai appeared to be Battles's steez.