Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Big Boi-Shutterbug

This will be a mini-This Music Moment. I was talking to metaghost earlier this night about how, before just a few weeks ago, the only Outkast i knew beyond their singles was Speakerboxx/The Love Below, and how strange of a place to start it was. At that time, the double album was in fact split up into 2 separate discs where Big Boi and Andre were in charge, respectfully. I picked up Stankonia recently, with Mrs. Jackson, So Fresh and So Clean, etc, and instantly began reconnecting with another recent purchase, Big Bois solo album Sir Lucious Left Foot. Big Boi brings it in considerable style, as usual, and offered this single right before the album dropped:

Such a sick video for such a sick song. Love that obvious product placement at the start, but damn this is such a good track. Its just goddamned sick all throughout, with that at first hilarious but then, when integrated into the future sound, just badass deep vocal rhythm line, the tight rhythm guitar bass and drum, and his smooth flow. That chorus is just so fresh. A little dirty though.

I wanted to also offer up his epilogue before the outro to Sir Lucious, The Train pt. 2. Again, with most hip hop that i listen to, production is my first impression for new listening. Big Boi doesnt ever disappoint, which i am now realizing as i dig deeper through their catalog. Outkast had it from the start, and as solo artists Big Boi and Andre have found their own styles and sound and have done well growing.
Shit do i love those palm muted licks that get their just deserts in that instrumental outro.
sir lucious left foot

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