Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Samuel Jackson Five - Goodbye Melody Mountain

I don't under normal circumstances gush about many groups. Ready yourself for a torrential down pour. The Samuel Jackson Five are a post rock band from Oslo Norway. As post-rock covers so much ground these gents use ingredients such as:  __________________________________________________________________________

Samuel Jackson Five Biscuits:

1 tsp folk
2 1/2 tbsp math-rock     (according to the back of the bisquick box)
stir in these two wet ingredients

1 cup jazz
2 1/2 cup prog-rock

preheat oven to 350 degrees. serves a family of 12

They use a variety of instruments to accomplish their compositions without sounding like gimmicks in any way.  Structurally rich the songs are always moving along to some impressive resolution but even the way to get there is exciting. No player in this band sits back content to play boring troupes of the genre. The instrumentation is technical for post rock but oddly enough its hard to tell with so many awesome things going on. I have followed this group from their second release (which is just as good) but Melody Mountain synthesis's so well what they do. If you have never heard of them then your life is a sad sad sad place. Lucky for you they are here to rescue your sorry behind.

Goodbye Melody Mountain

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