Sunday, April 10, 2011


Because i have shown it to a lot of friends, and because the muppets and jim henson have a special place in my heart, i decided to include this hilariously great rendition of 1234 that Feist performed on Sesame Street. Although it was my favorite show when i was a small child, i had only the vaguest memories of that program, with most of my memory being overshadowed by the main muppet crew. About a year ago, i was sick and flipping channels, and The Muppets take Manhattan was on, and it was so strange. I knew all the characters intimately, but had no recollection of the story of the film or any of its parts. It blew me away; i started checking out videos of skits from The Muppet Show from the 70s, which are all incredible. Looks like this will be a 2 video post; i cannot neglect showing you guys the goddamned hilarious Harry Belafonte skit, where he performs the Banana Boat Song for the first time on television. Fozzy makes sure it runs nice and smooth. I also love how the parrot wont work with the deadly tarantula.

Quickly into this Muppets search, i found this clip of Feist doing a slightly altered version of 1234, to fit a learning formula that the show established decades ago. She counts various things on Sesame Street; monsters walking 'cross the floor, penguins knocking at the door, etc.. She took the super catchy melodies she had written and altered them with the silly folk on Sesame Street to make a version of the song for a childrens audience that not only opened that door for them musically, but in the context as a learning tool, brought those kids an epic demonstration of how awesome counting can be.

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