Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Funky....Awesome Drummer Challenge - Cameron Wisch

Thanks for renaming the challenge Ninko so I can once again bring up my favorite current drummer, Cameron Wisch of Zona Mexicana. You could compare him to the new school of hyper fast math drummers in league with Zach Hill (Hella) and Vince Rogers (formally Tera Melos) though i dont think thats fair. Each has their own area of expertise. Hill enjoys breaking out of the will of the composition and using his drums less as an addition to the piece but as a lead instrument along with the guitar. Vince since Drugs to the Dear Youth has been a free-jazz math rock assassin.
      Wisch in his playing you can clearly tell his classical music training. Not to say it feels less organic, far from it in fact. Every stroke is calculated and perfectly form fit for the exact place in the music. His fills and flourishes are all based around accents from the guitar and bass.  Another important piece to Wisch's playing style is his use of hi-hat. I can not name a rock drummer that uses the hi-hat like Wisch. he has a large love of incorporating syncopated beats using only the hi-hat itself even or mixing it up. I can tell you this is not an easy thing to do. Also of note is stage presence which Cameron does better than most. There is a balance a drummer must strike while playing live. You want that compact wrist control but not at the sake of losing the visual presence and power of your strokes. Again Wisch strikes perfection in his control of stick height as well to gain speed through a composition.  I could go on all day really but watch the video in any event.

ps. at 4.35 a classic post-hardcore break down occurs and for some reason its never sounded that good to me ever.

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