Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fine GF

I really just wanted to bump the Wallpaper post i did a while back by showing another song from it that i have really been digging.

Fine GF is one of the few tracks off Doodoo Face where Ricky Reed crosses the line from outrageous party monster to sincere party monster. It starts off nice and quiet, with just a single synth note and some vocals. Im not a huge fan of autotune in how it is used in most bigtime pop songs, but he uses it in very subtle ways here, and it works as a serious harmonic sound with his given electronic club aesthetic. The minimal scape of the song at the beginning is really sweet, but still written in his unique voice; the lyrics are still very silly, but the longing of finding someone to be with still speaks through.

By the second verse, he has introduced some nice spacey melodic synths and added a nice sparse drum track, all the while adding to his nice autotuned vocal harmonies. Just nice overall. Then by the start of the 2nd chorus, he adds in the strong drums and that killer bass enters. The rest of the song is just golden. The trumpets coming in for the instrumental verse, and the layers of synths and vocal "doo doo"s are all so pretty.

This song was the track from Doodoo Face that really had me looking forward to what he will do next. Most of the album is just silly, a bunch of hilarious party songs with great production, but when Fine GF comes in, as cliche as it sounds, its the rare moment in the night where you realize all of this fun could be so much better with a girl to share it all with.

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