Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flying Lotus

I was going to do a post on the illest villain Madlib, but i was a bit daunted by the task. His catalog stretches so far and deep that i still need to think of a proper way to approach it. Instead, i want to show another great hip hop producer. I found Flying Lotus a few months back and quickly scooped up his work, excluding his album 1983 which i hear has some great stuff, i just havent found it in stores.

Of what i do own, his two LPs L.A. and Cosmogramma and his EP Pattern & Grid World, i have given much time to while driving. Its great background music for driving, but then listening on headphones gives you a more detailed look at the layers he is able to add to his music that dont clutter as much as they give a great atmosphere. A shining example of this is Mmhmm from Cosmogramma, one of the few songs he has made into videos. The video is bombed out ridiculous. Throughout Cosmogramma, Thundercat guest stars on bass and rips it up just as hard as he does here.

I realized how prolific he was after I picked up Cosmogramma shortly after it came out, only to be surprised that months later he was dropping the 7 song EP pattern and grid world; Cosmogramma was an outlandish album, with so many guest stars stretching 17 tracks. And to quickly follow that up with a back-to-basics-on-my-computer EP, filled with awesome videogame synths and well produced drums.. i was impressed with how quickly he works. This track, Kill yr. Coworkers, is my favorite from Pattern.

Flying Lotus - "Kill Your Co-Workers" by Pretty Much Amazing

pattern grid world


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