Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gulfer - Transcendals (2013)

Montreal based Gulfer have landed a clean left hook to the jaw. 
That is to say with last years split with fellow Canadians Fago. Sepia  well behind them these five songs are not only stronger but more self assured. Vocals are gruffly sung in a charming way that will remind many of the better moments of your favorite indie emo group. Couple that with some incredibly nimble tapping and drum workouts and its a 5 star dish waiting for your face. Stand out tracks are "Tiki Marathon" and the closer "Shoreline". Heres my deal with last songs. If you can nail the closer, it brings everything before it back into focus. Gulfer pull it off. This release easily slides them in the realm of great current math groups. Also it looks like they have a pretty heavy summer tour planned with Vesudeva. See you then guys.

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