Friday, September 28, 2012

Likes Lions - First the Head Later the Tail (2012)

Vocal centric alt-rock with a generous slathering of math from England. What you might be noticing first off is that your not going to get buried in time shifts and dissonant guitar heroics but you can expect some pretty powerful pop hooks...the good kind. Clearly a lot of blood and tears has been put into ensuring that these 5 songs run as a cohesive statement of who they are as a group.  So if you need the lighter side of your math rock cravings satiated while still getting some polished songwriting and excellent singing then I suggest you do what is best and click below.

Likes Lions


  1. Hey dude this is sweet! Just to point out though that these guys are called "Likes Lions" not "Like Lions"! Really enjoying the music though!

  2. haha o man. I'm a roll lately thanks for the catch A Non Moose! :)

  3. Not sure how generous the math is actually slathered, but solid tunes.

    You should stop eating coleslaw when you write these reviews.