Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hawks & Oxen - Shadow Matter (2011)

According to the bandcamp these folks were dead in the water before these songs were fully recorded. Huge freaking shame that we cant expect more from this Minneapolis four piece. We've just just got a lot of amazing things baked together to create a truly amazing end product.

Field recordings, Prog rock rhythms, Lush pop harmonies, Dissonant yet jubilant guitar interplay, some tight tight drums and Occational saxophone.

Its stitched so tightly that I even felt bad picking it apart. It just works so wonderfully. Math rock that is clearly of its own devices.

Plus facial hair on a baby totally screams math, yea?

hwks & oxn


  1. This is super good.

    Feels very Bob Drake influenced.

    Too bad they dead.

  2. Thanks for the kind words yall!! :) Its nice to know our music is getting to a few ears that are intersted in what we were doing. My next project involves me contact mic-ing a snorkel and making snorkel sounds while Kyle plays drums as fast as he can for 40 min straight. Watch Out MN!!