Sunday, August 26, 2012

fago.sepia - split w/gulfer

Lets get this small piece of info out of the way first. For my money (however little there always seems to be) fago.sepia is pound for pound one of the greatest math groups going right now. Their attention to melody, compositional restlessness and technicality always has me coming back. Its no surprise that this split with Montreal based Gulfer is so SPOT on. Not to snub Gulfer in any way they've deff got some nice math pop going for them.



  1. This is realllllll nice.

    I though you had made an earlier fago.sepia post but apparently I was hallucinating that and maybe stumbled upon this independently at some point.

    Or maybe you just told me about this one time.

    I dunno.

  2. no such fever dreams my friend. i posted on them looong ago but did not do my civic duty and post a back to the future link

    1. Sometimes it's hard to drive 88 Miles per hour.