Saturday, March 24, 2012


Alto and tenor saxophones interweave lines in and out of one another while a (dare I use the term)"funky" bass holds down the festivities. The drummer mixes some devilish poly-rhythms while still keeping it delightfully tasteful. Snaarj claims a number of different genre identifiers in their Bio and would like to be tagged as "sax pop" I however feel this doesn't really do them justice. Sure the indie rock spirit is there but these guys seem more progressive rock driven than maybe they'd say. All genre finger pointing aside this is some wonderfully composed music from four friends how clearly love what they do. There seems to be a growing number of bands latching onto this sort of setup and many die by the sword. Snaarj has one song up on their bandcamp from this year (Husky Plus) that seems to sum up in short order what to expect. The live album also shows that there are others to come that are just as excellent. I wait with eager palms outstretched for whats to come.



  1. Dumbest bandname in a long time, but this is rad.

  2. who would ever want to listen to a saxophone in a rock band!?!?!?

  3. Thanks for the kind words, keep your eyes out this month for the official release of "Levels" from Snaarj! Here's a video from a recent show in Bloomington, IN of "Husky Plus".