Monday, March 19, 2012

Punch Brothers- Who's Feeling Young Now? (2012)

A few years ago I heard an NPR interview with Chris Thile, discussing the album he wrote in the wake of a relationship that had ended. I knew nothing of him, or Nickel Creek, or his new band, Punch Brothers. It was an insightful interview, and I picked up and loved their debut album, 2008s Punch. Then, as I do, I sort of lost track of them, hearing a few things but not picking up their follow up, Antifogmatic, or searching them out for news or upcoming shows.

Then in February, I see a review for their third album, and a link to the first track, Movement and Location, and I got my socks knocked off, put them socks back on and they just clean got knocked off again. Punch Brothers have moved way beyond the bluegrass/ folk/ classical style I remembered from Punch and have gone into truly outstanding territory. They are a standard bluegrass outfit: mandolin, guitar, upright bass, violin and banjo and utilizing 4 part vocal harmonies. The pop sensibilities of the group have come to fruition, while never hiding the roots and skills that each of their 5 members have. Hearing them do an instrumental version of Kid A is especially interesting, seeing how an acoustic outfit would pick apart and preform such an electronic track; Who's Feeling Young Now is full of swagger; and I must post the video for Movement and Location for all you Swordsers. It is a doozy:

who's feeling young now?

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