Sunday, March 20, 2011

Subtle - For Hero: For Fool

Starting something so concise for these guys is almost impossible.  I dont care how your feelings sway when it comes to Dose One (Adam Drucker) high register mc spitting, this is just to good to be bogged down by anything. Subtle is a mish mash of talents, therefore giving it a very hard tag to pin on it. Heres where it gets dangerous...cough...cough ....

...Rap Rock *


In all seriousness it is so much more than that. Just easy escape for what I cant really say. It really brings together some savage hooks, pretty bouncy pop, vintage synths, samples, live instruments everything but the kitchen sink. You truly have to listen. This album is possibly in my top 10 of all time lost in space/ Apocalypse album choices. The reason behind this is its honesty. Dose spins a story of middle class stagnancy and really its a whole lot more complicated than that. There are three albums in the story of hour hero yes. A New White White the precursor to For Hero and Exiting Arm the last release. Both are very enjoyable in their own way. For Hero is just so self assured that it doesn't matter whats happening there's just such commitment to the instrumentation and production that I dare you to point out chinks in the armor. This begs for more exposure. Spread this into your life and you will not be sorry.

*saying that three times, like beatljuice, reforms Limp Bizkit. No one wants that. So it is only mentioned once in the write up.

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