Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nasty Drummer Challenge- Grizzly Bear

Man, nothing has disappointed me recently as much as the promise of Grizzly Bears second major label release, Veckatimest, had disappointed me. They were billed to play Letterman for their EP between Yellow House, their debut, and their follow up, but they were bumped a few months back from when they were supposed to play, so when they took the stage for the Letterman performance, they had already written a bunch of stuff for Veckatimest, so they decided to debut Two Weeks from that album instead of promoting something from the EP. Two Weeks blew me away; I was convinced their new album would be the new Motown. But sadly, the man who sings this song got put in the background, creatively, and daniel rossen, who plays the keyboards on this track, took the helm of Grizzly Bear and turned Veckatimest into a Daniel Rossen Project. The standout tracks on Veck are all Ed; you can tell where his input is placed.

But, all that said, Two Weeks is a standout track. The band really has it all together, and four part vocal harmonies are always a big plus. The drums are quite simple here, but in the context of the song they are just so damned tight and groovy in an orchestral, minimal way that many drummers lack, knowing when less really is more.

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  1. my thoughts exactly on Veck. have yet to hear anyone say it but damn was it about time