Tuesday, May 21, 2013


First post in awhile and it's a bit of an older one (my fellow swordsman have a habit of beating me to the punch on the newer stuff). Initially came across this DC band when I spotted their 2008 s/t on yellow/white vinyl for under $10 and took a gamble (I'm a sucker for colored LPs) but I was pleasantly surprised at the vintage math rock sound this album contains. Slinky guitars, tight drumming and enough twists and turns throughout to keep things interesting across eight tracks curiously named after a different kind of tree.

Until writing this, I thought they had all but disappeared but their bandcamp has 2 newer releases, a similar sounding EP called "Kosmische Cat" and a their latest LP "2607 Space Godz" which sounds like they decided to drop acid and forge a new sound. Won't rush judgement just yet but I stand by their eponymous debut, check er out.

RIYL: Faraquet, Ghosts and Vodka, Don Caballero