Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sleeping People

 San Diego instrumental rock group with atypical song structures, dissonant guitar riffs and time signature changes (read: math rock) These guys and gals have a great way of moving through a song. Its a very organic flow that allows each instrument time to breath and for the listener to focus on each instrument. Moving into new passages entails one instrument changing for a few bars then the other instruments follow. It sounds like a cheap way to work but it keeps the songs exciting and unlike some groups really gives you a chance to appreciate the excellent riffs. Drums and bass are frequently locked and yet always stay interesting. The first release is a lot more scatter shot (yet sometimes more interesting) Growing is all about the progression and is a tighter venture for it. Both worthy of looks.

Bonus Points: The excellent "People Staying Awake" (last track on Growing) features vocals from what super awesome indie rock gent?

Hint: last name is a type of bird

Sleeping People

Growing (2007)

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