Monday, January 24, 2011

Cinemechanica - Martial Arts

Punk Indie Math Rock

There are few groups that I love more than Cinemechanica, these are the reasons:

1. They are fast
2. Technical as all get out
3. Some incredibly emotional shouting vocals
4.Strangely melodic

I can remember hearing "I'm Tired of Paul McCartney" for the first time and wondering what kind of space aliens copied exactly what I wanted a band to sound like and played it for me. These gents are are a part of the wonderful Hello Sir Athens GA record label. Cinemechanica im sure have spent a lot of time with the catalog of the equally amazing Canadian group North of America (whom I will certainly be covering in a later post) Cinemechanica is a logical progression from NoA's math lite punk rock. Just listen to this if you even have a passing interest in rock music. Everyone owes it to themselves. Please. Do it. If your still reading leave and listen :) NOW!

Martial Arts

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