Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This is Exploding - Lost Levels (2006ish)

A few items of high interest on this one.

SO This is Exploding is and has not been a band for awhile. They had one release before this that could be categorized as some pretty fun high energy power pop rock. Moving forward this set of song's which would have been the groups 2nd album was discovered by the singer years later and let loose. It is definitely on the more math pop side of life and for that it has fallen into my fortunate ears.

Item number 2 of interest is that 2/3rd's of this group went on to form the power bass death group known as Megachurch. 

Item number three is that this is incredibly profressional well crafted pop rock with math rock rhythms ands some pretty fantastic vocals. Jump on this is typical fashion.

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