Monday, March 4, 2013

Megason - Glitch (2013)

(From Submission)
Three piece Megason hail from Tel Aviv, Israel and offer a pretty interesting math blend that everyone should be able to appreciate. 
At the core this is some balls to the wall metal level biz with some old school grunge. 
Dirty Math? 
From the metal stand point you can be positive that there are atomic level guitar riffs being layed out thick. Math heads shouldn't worry too much as the twists completed by the drum and bass should be enough to stop you from dancing in 4/ least for too long :)

Vox are pretty front and center also which tend to air on the side of 90's. Not a bad thing as the amount of old and new school flavors mix very well with each other.

Side note: I miss that guitar tone. anyone else with me on that?
Another delightful submission
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