Friday, April 1, 2011

Colour - Unicorns (ep)

Colour is a now defunct group from England that very much likes their math with a liberal sprinkling of pop rock and there is no shame in that game. Parts of the group have now reformed into a band called Tangled Hair, who are pretty similar and cool in their own respect. Any who, upon breaking up the group released an Anthology of there songs for all to enjoy. To tell you the truth though there are only a couple songs on that worth anyones time (many would disagree) Their Unicorns EP is short at three songs but packs everything that makes them so damn good into em. This group can play fast and technical while still remaining highly catchy.  The first song Unicorns is packed with tightly wound upstroke riffs with some nice time changes. Well worth the eight and a half minutes it takes to plow through it.

Unicorns (ep)

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